How to get Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) Singapore step by step [Eng]

This post is based on my experience (a student who bring his wife). Without loss of generality, if a woman brings her husband the procedure almost same.

  1. Go to the ICA building and take the form. To make it more efficient, go to ICA directly from the airport. Just follow the Green Line, get off at Lavender MRT. In the station, takes a right turn, after leaving the building you will reach ICA. Just go up to the 4th floor. Cost: Free
  2. Come directly to the SSC campus. You must bring the completed form, 3×4 color photograph (white background), spouse’s passport + copy, Immigration Card. Just waiting for a letter of recommendation to be made. Do not forget that a letter of recommendation so already, check if all parts are correct or not. Because from my experience, I have to go back to SSC again because of miss one stamp. Cost: Free
  3. Go to ICA; please bring: Letter of recommendation from college, Passport original + copy (spouse’s and yours), immigration card, color photograph, a copy of the marriage certificate (all pages), copy of student pass. Then wait up to 2 months, and two months renewal fee: 60 SGD.
  4. You will be contacted by SSC. There are two cases: approved or not. If not, just try again step 1,2 and 3. If it is approved, will be an approval letter. Then you can take the LTVP in ICA after collecting these documents: approval letter, passport, immigration card, medical record (the form already behind the approval letter), color photograph (white background). Fee: 90 SGD (30 dollars for visa and 60 dollars for issuance fee)

How? Is that easy? Now we count the total cost for four years:

  • First year:
    Extension for 2 months + LTVP + Medcheck = 60 + 90 + 60 = 210 SGD
  • Second year:
    Extension = 90 SGD
  • Third year:
    Medcheck + Extension = 60 +90 = 150 SGD
  • Fourth year:
    Extension = 90 SGD

Total for 4 years = 540 SGD

I hope this post will be useful. If you have questions, please leave a comment below.

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